The Safe-Speed System has been developed to support the safety of local communities through the identification of speeding vehicles. Many drivers use routes through our small towns, parishes and villages to overcome dense traffic on major routes but without consideration for local speed limits or the danger caused by exceeding them. Safe-Speed is a system that targets those drivers who do not consider their environments, or the speed limits imposed to ensure the safety of residents.

What Does the System Do?

The Safe-Speed System includes an Intelligent ANPR Camera which captures the licence plates of all vehicles on the targeted route. The ANPR camera is complimented by a radar unit which identifies the speed of each vehicle that passes in front of the system and records it in a web-based software package. This software gathers all of the data provided by the camera and stores the information to enable tracking of traffic patterns and speeds of all vehicles. From this information the software enables the generation of reports which identify vehicles that have exceeded the speed limit to various levels.

Additionally, reports can be used to show the average speed over given time, allowing for comparisons and targeted reductions in speed following the use of the system. Traffic volumes and patterns can be identified to show the times and days that your chosen route faces the heaviest levels of vehicles. Worst offenders can also be identified in both the highest speeds identified and the most regularly speeding vehicles over your chosen time frame. These are just a few of the reports that can be generated using the system, providing the tools to discuss the speeding problems your community is facing with your local Police and Council.

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