The Safe-Speed System has been developed to support the safety of local communities through the identification of speeding vehicles. Many drivers use routes through our small towns, parishes and villages to overcome dense traffic on major routes but without consideration for local speed limits or the danger caused by exceeding them. Safe-Speed is a system that targets those drivers who do not consider their environments or the speed limits imposed to ensure the safety of residents.

  • Identify vehicles exceeding a defined speed limit
  • Analyse speed patterns over chosen timeframes
  • Review traffic volumes and behaviour
  • Produce reports and statistics for analysis
  • Use anonymised plate tracker for individual speed behaviours

Use of Safe-Speed system over 3 months*

The Safe-Speed System includes an Intelligent ANPR Camera which captures the licence plates of all vehicles on the targeted route. The ANPR camera is complimented by a radar unit which identifies the speed of each vehicle that passes in front of the system and records it in a web-based software package. This software gathers all of the data provided by the camera and stores the information to enable tracking of traffic patterns and speeds of all vehicles. From this information the software enables the generation of reports which identify vehicles that have exceeded the speed limit to various levels.


The primary purpose for the development of the Safe-Speed system was to support the safety and security of community residents in both rural and more urbanised areas. Using the system provides clear evidential data from which safety conclusions can easily be determined. Whether the resulting information provides an indication for a change in road infrastructure or leads to a conversation with local authorities or law enforcement, the system offers reliable and accurate data from which clear patterns can be identified.

This high accuracy, cost-effective system provides a wide range of benefits to support local communities in the identification and analysis of traffic volumes and speeds. Capturing multi-lane traffic from one fixed position, the Safe-Speed system provides live data on every vehicle passing through the system location.

The Safe-Speed software offers community users access to expansive report and analysis tools which offers insights for immediate and long term vehicle behaviour. Whether it be filtering all vehicles travelling beyond the speed limit, repeat offenders or traffic volumes per day, week or month, the easy-to-use software offers the capacity for on-going, in-depth analysis.

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If you are interested in the Safe-Speed System, our team are on hand to provide you with full support throughout the entire process. From deciding which community package is right for you to set up and usage, a member of our business will be on hand to ensure you are confident with the system and happy with processes in place.

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