The System

The objectives of using this system are as simple as they are important, increase road and pedestrian safety. This technology can be a tool to support community members and local Police in reducing potential dangers on and around roads especially those through small towns, villages and parishes.


Our objective in designing and developing the Safe-Speed System is quite simply to support community safety. Road accidents due to speeding vehicles have increased over the last year and many of these accidents have occurred as people choose alternate routes to overcome congestion. The problem is that many of these alternatives are roads that pass through a variety of towns, villages and parishes. This increases the level of congestion on roads in these local communities and, through research, we have found increases the average speed of commuters as they find the freedom of (usually) quieter roads.

The Safe-Speed System cannot stop people from choosing to use these smaller roads through our communities but it can support the plan of ensuring they adhere to the speed limit when doing so. The presence of this system has been found to immediately reduce average speeds due to its existence and it may also reduce congestion as vehicles try to find even more, faster, alternative routes. Though this is is not the immediate goal of the system it is an additional benefit.


The range of traffic volume reports provide a key analysis tool of the weight of traffic faced by your local roads on each day of the week and the specific times of day that changes occur. This level of detail provides the opportunity to identify periods of time that may result in higher/lower volumes of traffic leading to higher/lower levels of speed being faced by your local community. This will also allow for planning or pedestrian movements around such areas as schools and what they may face during their arrival or return journey.


The Safe-Speed community system provides extensive analytical tools to monitor and track speeding vehicles and subsequent speed behaviour. The leading spot-speed radar included within the system hardware package provides accurate and efficient speed identification for all vehicles. Coupled with the high specification ANPR camera, the high performance system provides live data and offers instant insight into the number of speeding vehicles captured on your community roads.


The Safe-Speed system offers more than traffic volume and speeds. To provide communities with greater security the system also offers a wider range of reports and alerts including a Blacklist facility. The Blacklist option allows communities to input the details of vehicles of interest that they wish to be alerted to when they are identified within the local area. Whether this be due to problems previously faced or potential issues moving forward, the facility to use the Blacklist adds a further element of security to the range of benefits that the Safe-Speed system provides.


The Hardware and Software that form the complete Safe-Speed System combines market leading technologies to enable the generation of efficient and effective results in support of safer communities.

Fast and cost-effective

Reads oncoming and departing vehicle plates simultaneously

Unlimited number of cameras can be added to the system to create full coverage

Capable of heavy traffic loads with simultaneous multiple plate tracking

Creation & management of user accounts with user roles

Search & report on events with specified criteria

Vehicle proximity analysis

Live recent-traffic page displays events, flagging speeding and blacklisted events

Manage blacklists & authorised lists and set up alerts (email & SMS)

Configuration of customer specific categories (e.g. 35-45Mph, >50mph)

Blacklists can be used to group vehicles of interest

Leading intelligent ANPR camera providing accuracy and performance

Seamless integration with software and radar

1,000,000 plate storage capacity

Used by Police Forces throughout the UK and abroad

Advanced Search – search for individual plates or all plates in a specified time range

Blacklisted/Authorised plate search

Speed searches by blacklist (to identify extent of changes in behaviour following warnings)

Speed search with flexible search criteria for identifying speeding behaviours

Speed searching by customer specific categories

Site occupancy (potential use for point-to-point average speed cameras)

Potential Incident tool - vehicle speeds differ in close proximity potentially leading to an incident

Radar and Communications

  • High specification spot-speed radar
  • High confidence speed records
  • Integration with Intelligent ANPR camera
  • Communications Unit with mobile network
  • High speed transfer of data to software system
  • Multiple Communication options for Police inclusion
  • Anonymisation of data for data protection

Market Leading Technologies

The use of the Safe-Speed System has led to the reduction of the number of speeding vehicles within only a few months of use. With initially more than 1000 vehicles being caught at least 10 mph over the speed limit, this number is reduced by 80% within only 3 months. These figures show how effective the system can be in a relatively short time frame.

The Hardware and Software that form the complete Safe-Speed System combines market leading technologies to enable the generation of efficient and effective results in support of safer communities.



The system has been developed to support the reduction of speed and increase safety.


This system enables the identification of speeding vehicles as well as offering tracking tools to support action.


We have addressed some questions in our FAQ section but should you have any further please let us know.


The system is set-up for the easy generation of reports and graphs which evaluate traffic volumes and speeds.


A full range of reports, statistics and graphs can be downloaded as pdf and png images to evaluate system results.


Full support and training is provided to system users ensuring full understanding of the online portal.


If you are interested in the Safe-Speed System, our team are on hand to provide you with full support throughout the entire process. From deciding which community package is right for you to set up and usage, a member of our business will be on hand to ensure you are confident with the system and happy with processes in place.

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