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Personally identifiable information is not collected by the Safe-Speed system. ANPR technology captures images of vehicles and does not identify individuals. The data that is gathered in regards to the vehicle registration plates is not accessible by any parties other than the Police and only under the circumstances that a speeding offence is identified. The information that is captured is immediately encrypted with a reference description that is used to track serial speeding offences but this information cannot be used to identify a vehicle nor does it show the registration details.

Privacy and security issues are treated with paramount importance as we are aware of the fears that such systems create. The measures we have taken to ensure the security and visibility of this data ensure that no personal information can be accessed or the tracking of vehicles without reason or with ‘actual data’.


Security is a key concern when adopting new technologies and dealing with data. It is a challenge to adopt an approach to security which satisfies users and keeps their information safe, while discouraging malicious activities. Reducing the risk of these attacks occurring through preventative controls and monitoring mechanisms is the most effective way of deterring such events and we employ a number of techniques to achieve this.

The Safe-Speed architecture encompasses a range of devices and technologies which connect via the internet as well as through virtual private cloud arrangements. The extent of security arrangements vary between customers due to their individual needs and the sensitivity of their data. We take a pragmatic, risk-based approach to security which acknowledges that there are users with malicious intentions. We protect our infrastructure with realistic measures in the areas which present the highest risk to our customer’s data and their interactions with Safe-Speed. Providing a robust environment which supports our customer’s use of automatic number plate recognition (‘ANPR’) technology is a high priority which drives the implementation of secure infrastructure.


There are a number of overarching principles which dictate how our systems are designed and secured. The purpose of these is to address any concerns which our customers may have in terms of data privacy and retention, confidentiality and also how we balance these to create a user-friendly environment which meets the requirements of our customers.

Privacy – In the current technological context, it is paramount to maintain a secure environment to protect our customer’s privacy. We have managed this through the implementation of a number of process- and technology-based measures, such as role-based access, encryption, secure protocols and segregation of data. Furthermore, a variety of options are available for image, video and event meta-data retention as is required by each individual customer.

For more information regarding the security and privacy measures undertaken by Safe-Speed please contact us. All GDPR documentation is available on request.


If you are interested in the Safe-Speed System, our team are on hand to provide you with full support throughout the entire process. From deciding which community package is right for you to set up and usage, a member of our business will be on hand to ensure you are confident with the system and happy with processes in place.

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