Number Plate Profiling

Easy Tracking

As part of the development of the Safe-Speed System we have recently launched a tool which allows for easy tracking of encoded licence plates. This means that privacy concerns are overcome but also allows for the tracking of speeding vehicles in more than one region. If a serial speeder is identified the Safe-Speed System can be used to take updates from multiple systems across multiple regions but provide a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s behaviour. This will provide further evidence from which action can be taken as it can identify an anti-social pattern of speeding across multiple communities and regions.


The Safe-Speed system provides the opportunity for both full data overviews as well as individual vehicle behaviour tracking. Whilst all of the vehicle identifiers are encoded, to ensure data privacy, the system allows for the tracking of each vehicle separately which provides a better understanding of individual driving behaviour. Some vehicles may use your local roads everyday and you may notice that certain vehicles are often caught over the speed limit. Using the system you can track how many times a vehicles has been captured, at what time of day, over how many days and what their speed is on each occassion. If you have more than one camera in your community, or your neighbouring community also has one, you can track them across multiple locations. This provides greater detail as to consistent driving behaviour and can provide evidence that may result in further action being taken by local authorities.

Please note: Raw data can be provided without encoding to authorised authorities.



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