Objectives and Results

Our objective in designing and developing the Safe-Speed System is quite simply to support community safety. Road accidents due to speeding vehicles have increased over the last year and many of these accidents have occurred as people choose alternate routes to overcome congestion. The problem is that many of these alternatives are roads that pass through a variety of towns, villages and parishes. This increases the level of congestion on roads in these local communities and, through research, we have found increases the average speed of commuters as they find the freedom of (usually) quieter roads.

The Safe-Speed System cannot stop people from choosing to use these smaller roads through our communities but it can support the plan of ensuring they adhere to the speed limit when doing so. The presence of this system has been found to immediately reduce average speeds due to its existence and it may also reduce congestion as vehicles try to find even more, faster, alternative routes. Though this is is not the immediate goal of the system it is an additional benefit.


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