The Safe-Speed System has been designed in collaboration with UK communities for UK communities. Borne out of a need to identify repeat speeding offences and support the identification of speed/traffic problems faced in communities, this system combines leading edge Intelligent ANPR cameras, Radar, Communications Unit and Analytical Software.

This system has been developed specifically for community road safety. The hardware provides the raw data to the software system which then provides a range of analytical tools from which reports and graphs can be created to show speed and traffic behaviours and patterns. The system supports communities in reducing speed and increasing safety.

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We all value our communities and we want to ensure the safety of all residents whatever their age. The Safe-Speed System has been designed and developed to identify vehicles the continually speed to provide optional action but also to evaluate changes that can be made to increase safety and reduce speeds overall.

The objectives of using this system are as simple as they are important, increase road and pedestrian safety. This technology can be a tool to support community members and local Police in reducing potential dangers on and around roads especially those through small towns, villages and parishes.

We hope to develop lasting partnerships with communities across the UK and welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and identify a way in which to help you achieve your goals.