Speed Reports

The main purpose of this system is to identify offenders who repeatedly break the speed limit thereby risking the safety of community members. A variety of reports are available as part of the system set-up that allows for the identification of serial speeding offenders as well as analysis tools for the observation of vehicle behaviours. These reports provide an opportunity for overview as well as individual instances of speeding and monitoring of ‘blacklisted’ vehicles. These are the vehicles that you have identified as requiring consistent tracking due to the speeding behaviour.

Click on the Safe Speed - mini logo to view an example.

These speed reports include:

Total Speeders (Chart)  Safe Speed - mini logo

Average Speeders per Hour (Chart)  Safe Speed - mini logo

Average Speeders by Day (Chart) Safe Speed - mini logo

Speed exceeded report    Safe Speed - mini logo

Speeder volume report    Safe Speed - mini logo

Speed summary report    Safe Speed - mini logo

Worst offenders report     Safe Speed - mini logo

Blacklist report    Safe Speed - mini logo

Blacklist sightings report    Safe Speed - mini logo

This list also shows that you are able to link several sites if you have more than one Safe-Speed System to allow for an overview for all roads covered or you can generate reports for specific sites to pinpoint details of one road.